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Government red tape

Excessive Government Red Tape Gets in the Way of Delivering Quality Patient Care This past year, fighting the burgeoning regulatory burdens and government red tape that contract the time physicians can spend with patients, was one of the top priorities … Continue reading

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The Not Sustainable Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR)

SGR: The Not “Sustainable Growth Rate” In 1997, Congress created the Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR), a system that pegged the amount of money budgeted for Medicare payments to projected growth of the economy. However, in just a few short years, … Continue reading

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Shut Out Sugar Program Addresses Obesity

Shut Out Sugar Campaign On A Roll Not only is excessive sugar in the diet dangerous to overall health, it contributes immensely to the obesity epidemic we now face and has led to the huge increase in Type II diabetes … Continue reading

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Affordable Care Act Flaws Revealed in Recent Study

¬†Affordable Care Act Flaws Unveiled in ACEP Study As reported in the Wall Street Journal today in a front section article titled, “ER Visits Rise Despite Law“, once again the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has not lived up to promises … Continue reading

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