Government red tape

Excessive Government Red Tape Gets in the Way of Delivering Quality Patient Care

Dr. Russell Kridel in DC to meet with members of Congress

Russ Kridel, MD goes up to capital hill to meet with members of Congress

This past year, fighting the burgeoning regulatory burdens and government red tape that contract the time physicians can spend with patients, was one of the top priorities of the Harris County Medical Society during my tenure as president.

We spent substantial time educating our U.S. Congressmen and Texas Legislators about the accumulation of compliance issues that are overwhelming physicians’ offices. They all seemed receptive, but Representatives Brady and Poe have particularly embraced our causes. The opening of health insurance marketplaces and all the new rules and regulations under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) have increased our challenges. Physicians are right in the center of the paths of multiple, colliding fronts in the form of more federal and state regulatory requirements. Physicians are caring for patients and managing the piles of paperwork that the government and other healthcare organizations and executives have created for them. Doctors are now consumed with checking boxes, implementing EMRs and transitioning to a new coding system for billing—all while seeing increasing patient loads and meeting increasingly steep clinical demands.

U.S. physicians commit about 20 percent of their time to administrative tasks and the number is growing. Wouldn’t that time be better spent delivering health care?

Russell Kridel MD is a Houston-based Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon in private practice in the Texas Medical Center. He is also currently the Chair of the AMA Council on Science and Public Health (CSAPH) which provides information and recommendations on medical, scientific, and public health issues which are published in their entirety here

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