Russell Kridel MD hosts Ted Poe reception

Russell Kridel MD hosts Ted Poe reception to support re-election campaign

Dr. Russell Kridel with Congressman Ted Poe

Congressman Ted Poe with Dr. Russell Kridel

Dr. and Mrs. Kridel recently held a reception to support the re-election campaign for Congressman Ted Poe. The campaign event was well attended by members of the medical community.  Several physicians in attendance shared their own experiences with red tape getting in the way of delivering quality care to their patients.  Congressman Poe also shared remarks including his interest standing up against regulations that are over-burdensome to physicians and detract from patient care.

“Ted is a US Congressmen with common sense.  He believes in the free enterprise system without overregulation.  He has also been a great champion of medicine and his efforts will go a long way to preserve the patient-physician relationship,” said Dr. Kridel.

Congressman Poe, Dr. Kridel, medical students and physicians at reception

Dr. Kridel, Congressman Poe, medical students and physicians at reception

Russ has worked with US Congressman Ted Poe and several key US Congressmen from Texas as they introduced bills to help resolve the SGR and ICD-10 crises and reduce over-burdensome rules that hamper the practice of medicine.

During his tenure as President of the Harris County Medical Society (HCMS) and as current Past-President, Dr. Kridel has worked with physicians across all disciplines to address critical issues affecting their ability to maintain practice viability while preserving the highest standards of patient care.

Russ is a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Houston and has long been an active member of the AMA, TMA and HCMS. He is the immediate past president of the Harris County Medical Society and is currently a Member of the AMA House of Delegates and Chair of the AMA Council on Science and Public Health.

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